Sydney Honours Club – Eastern Suburbs

February 27, 2019

Monthly meetings for the 6Os plus age group.
Avenue for academics, professional and business retirees to hear high calibre speakers.
Our February meeting will be addressed by Gilbert Mane, whose topic will be “The Revelation of the Elders”.
Gilbert has been a Friend of the Hebrew University for many years and has enjoyed many of the Honours Club talks .
Gilbert recently self-published a novel called The Revelation of the Elders. It is a conspiracy thriller, with historical and paranormal elements, and Jewish heroes and Jewish jokes.
The original inspiration for the book was a question regarding The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  What if  it were true? What if the Jews did run the world? But what if their influence was benign, designed to keep the world on an even keel?
Gilbert will be giving an Honours Club talk on the novel and the creative process of getting it written and self-published
We look forward to seeing you at our next meetings.  For more information please contact our office at : 9389 2825