Janey Jankelson

Winter ulpan, for me, was a really incredible and extraordinary experience. I am really suprised that this four-week program had such an impact on me.I really gained a lot of knowledge – whether it was from learning the Hebrew language, the stories of the people I got to know, the organised excursions or my own adventures.

My adventure was made extra special by the amazing Hebrew teachers, without whom, my level of Hebrew would not have improved as much as it did! Staying in the student village of the Hebrew University was awesome. I got to know more about the country and its students. I had the opportunity of meeting people from all around the world – Russia, America, Switzerland, France – and we are still in touch today! It is the most phenomenal feeling to be in a classroom, in Eretz Yisrael, with students from all over the world, speaking one language.

The Winter Ulpan is sort of like a mini exchange program and I am so tempted to repeat it as it was really fun and educational. I don’t live on campus, so it was a great opportunity to experience this aspect of university life. Now I am much better prepared for the upcoming Hebrew course that I will be completing this semester. The Ulpan will remain an integral part of my experience as a student Air Jordan