Rosslyn Ewart

I would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity to have been involved in the Trauma and Resilience Course at Rothberg University. The course was very engaging, informative and it provided contemporary research and knowledge in the area. The course presented a range of opportunities some as an entry point for more involvement and others as an opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge. The lecturers were stimulating, entertaining and impressive role models in the field of Trauma and Resilience.

The range and diversity of the Trauma area covered and presented was appreciated and was complemented with the field trips which gave us a wonderful insight into the amazing programs that are implemented, a fabulous opportunity to meet the people and view the active ongoing projects.

The whole experience was enriching and well supported with the International Conference, which added a rich dimension to the entire course. The conference complemented the lectures and provided a rich diversity of current research and directions in the field of trauma and resilience.

At the time it was quite intense and I felt like I would take some time before I assimilated all the information an experiences provided. I have certainly utilized the teachings in my current practise and have appreciated the invaluable information taught that has transferred to my psychological work in Australia and enriched my skills and knowledge.

The course not only offered academic opportunities it enabled participants to be able to live in the Israeli culture, meet, mix and live with people from Israel and other cultures and it provided a unique opportunity to learn and experience a very welcoming and hospitable Israeli life. The whole experience with the academic opportunity linked to the historic nature and rich cultural heritage unlike anywhere in the world was truly an amazing experience which I will treasure as one of the highlights of my life and certainly provided me with insights I would not have achieved without having had this involvement with the Hebrew University.

Thank-you once again for this valued experience, which I would highly recommend to others with an interest in this field.balerínky