Nanotechnology is the technology of the 21st century

July 11, 2017

The Australian Friends of the Hebrew University, WA Division, were delighted to host visiting Professor Uri Banin, a leading Nano-scientist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’sSchool of Nanotechnology. Prof Banin was in Australia as part of a larger delegation of scientists who attended a symposium at the University of Sydney under the banner of the Sir Zelman Cowan Fund. The lectures and material covered at this symposium was truly breath taking.

Prof Banin took the opportunity to visit Perth to showcase the research in Nanotechnology at the HUJand to promotethe joint UWA-HUJ Student Exchange Scholarship. This scholarship fund – which is seeking sponsorship – allows students from UWA and HUJ to visit each other’s university with support. All donations to this fund are fully tax-deductible in Australia.

Prof Banin outlined what the HUJ is doing in this area of technology. It must be remembered that we are talking about technology at the scale of one billionth of a meter. The “next size down” is inside the atom. Prof Banin illustrated applications across the spectrum for this technology. There was a strong emphasis in the biological sciences; drugs used for ovarian cancer are already being delivered in nanotechnology form. Television sets with ultra-high definition use nanotechnology to achieve their clarity of picture. The production of hydrogen as a fuel, from water, is Prof. Banin’s special interest. This would provide “clean recyclable, non-polluting energy on almost limitless scale” he said.It would also reduce Israel and the world’s dependence on fossil fuels; leading to significant environmental and geopolitical changes.
The application of nano-technology is limitless, with applications in computer science, materials e.g. super light and super strong, already a game changer in aircraft such as the Boeing Dreamliner 787 that will flight Perth to London beginning March 2018.

We were indeed privileged to have a scientist of Prof Banin’s caliber lecture us. He is a prolific author, winner of numerous awards and involved at the very frontier of this area of science. One would hope that in the future further exchange in ideas and technology would occur between HUJ and UWA. This can only be achieved by the free exchange of students between both institutions. Supporting the UWA-HUJ scholarship will allow this valuable initiative to prosper.

Clinical A/Prof Peter Winterton AM
President of the WA Friends of the Hebrew University