Celebration Cocktail Party in Honor of Barry Joseph Receipt of an Honorary Fellowship at Maiersdorf Faculty Club

June 22, 2017

Barry Joseph served the Australian Friends of the Hebrew University as the Federal Executive Director for over 15 years.

During his tenure, he raised the public profile of the Australian Friends and he initiated a hugely successful student scholarship appeal that has enabled numerous Israeli students to obtain much needed financial assistance to reach their goals. He supervised the organization’s centralization; managed the funds for scholarships and produced high-level social functions.

Barry’s popularity, tenacious attention to detail, and well-known warm and caring personality have yielded new supporters and respect for the Hebrew University—from office staff to Australia’s Prime Minister.
Growing up as a fourth-generation Australian, Barry Joseph had an excellent model of communal commitment to emulate his mother, who sat on the board of the Montefiore Jewish Home in Sydney for some 17 years. A large part of his teenage years were spent assisting her with the multitude of events she helped organize and run, as he learned to listen and respond to the problems of the elderly.

He himself joined the Board of the Montefiore Home in 2001 and has been a Director ever since.
After high school, Barry worked with a stock brokerage firm until 1965, when he entered the fashion manufacturing industry.
In 1969 he opened his own clothing and manufacturing firm, which he ran with great success until his retirement in 1997. Not one to sit still for long, however, he eagerly accepted an invitation to become the Executive Director of AUSTFHU.

Since the year 2000, Barry Joseph has visited Israel over 15 times to attend the Board of Governors meetings, gaining ever greater insight into the operation and impact of the university. Now an honorary member of the New South Wales Board of the Australian Friends, Barry notes that his years with the AUSTFHU have given him a greater appreciation of education and the donors who have helped make the Hebrew University an outstanding place of learning.