High-Tech Jerusalem

Jerusalem has become a world renowned hub for technology and innovation. Leading the city’s reputation is the Hebrew University, where our faculty and students are conducting groundbreaking research on the cutting edge of science – from nano, quantum, and computer sciences to bioengineering, cyber security and astrophysics. They are creating startups and projects that will change our understanding of our world and how we live, and have the potential to solve some of humanity’s most pressing challenges.

Our new high-tech park will bridge academia and industry, providing a home for start-ups while fostering innovation across the University community. In nanoscience, we will impact upon alternative energy, medicine, and electronics. In cyber security, we will combine pioneering research in computer science and engineering with insights from law and public policy. Our research in quantum will influence complex challenges including that of secure communications. Our teaching programs are preparing students to meet the demand of Israel’s growing high-tech sector. The Hebrew University’s leadership in these and other disciplines will contribute to our collective wellbeing and signal to the rest of the world that Israel is a global leader in technological development and innovation.

The High-Tech Jerusalem brochure is available to read online or download here.

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