Human Health

The Hebrew University is committed to maintaining its tradition of breakthrough advances in medical research and discovery by spearheading innovative avenues of inquiry on the prevention, treatment, and cure of diseases, and by investigating how we can live healthier lives. In service of this mission, we bring together both young and veteran scientists from a range of disciplines and provide them with the research infrastructure and support necessary to explore all aspects of the human body and mind, and to collaboratively address the host of health challenges that confront humankind.

Working in several emerging healthcare fields, we aim to foster new understandings and treatments where they can provide the most positive impact. For example, as people live longer lives, we have redoubled our efforts in research on aging and neuroscience. We are proud to be leading Israel in the field of computational medicine, harnessing the tools of big data to better understand and combat disease. Our dental scientists are engaged in a vast range of basic and applied research on oral and systemic health challenges, while our work on autism is grounded in a multi-pronged approach, encompassing research, direct work with those on the spectrum, and the training of professionals in the field. And – we are educating tomorrow’s scientists, clinicians, and experts to preserve and protect health and wellbeing for generations to come.

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