Living Legacy Mission November 2019

April 11, 2019

2019 LEGACY MISSION organised by the Australian Friends of the Hebrew University
(the Friends)

DATES: Subject to numbers and flight availability, the Friends plan for the Mission to depart Australia on Thursday 14 November 2019 and to leave Israel for the return journey Motzei Shabbat 23 November 2019.


  • Minimum age for participation is 60
  • A minimum bequest of not less than $50,000 to the Hebrew University (in the case of a couple a different arrangement may apply) is mandatory and proof that such a bequest has been included in the participant’s will needs to be furnished to the Friends by the participant’s solicitor.
  • A participant has to agree to participate in the whole program.
  • The travel dates, flights and program may be changed – including the cancellation of the whole Mission – in the sole discretion of the Friends.
  • A participant needs to furnish proof that they have purchased travel insurance at least three weeks prior to the Mission departing Australia.
    • If a participant decides not to participate within three weeks of the Mission departing, or if anything untoward happens during the Mission necessitating the participant to have to withdraw from the Mission, the participant will have to reimburse the Friends for any expenses incurred by the Friends e.g. air tickets, hotel accommodation etc.
  • The Mission is limited to 20 persons and places shall be allocated to the first 20 people
    who satisfy the criteria for the Mission as stated above, as well as but not limited to:

    • Furnishing of any additional information requested by the Friends including a request
      for a representative/s of the Friends to interview applicants.
    • The Friends is satisfied with all details contained in the documentation provided
      by a participant and any additional information it may require from a participant.
    • The Friends reserves the right to decline any booking.
    • No booking shall be deemed accepted until confirmed in writing by the Friends.
    • In the event that less than 10 people book on the Mission then the Friends reserves the
      right to cancel the Mission and participants will be informed at least two months prior
      to the departure date.
    • Participants must ensure that they have a valid, full passport with at least 6 months to
      run after 14 November 2019. Holders of passports other than Australian should
      contact the Israeli Embassy. Please note that it is a participant’s responsibility to
      ensure that passport and visa requirements are met and are in order prior to the
      commencement of the Mission.

For further inquiries please contact our office at, 02 9389 2825. Alternatively, please leave us your contact details and we will get back to you in due course.