Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science

Einstein Institute of Mathematics

Institute of Computer Science: artificial intelligence; computational intensive applications; computer systems; databases; robot sensing; theoretical foundations of computer science.

Racah Institute of Physics: condensed matter physics; plasma physics; nuclear physics; and theoretical physics.

Institute of Chemistry: inorganic and analytical chemistry; physical chemistry; and organic chemistry.

Silberman Institute of Life Sciences: botany; genetics; biological chemistry; cell and animal biology; ecology, systematics and evolution; neurobiology; microbial and molecular ecology; Inter-university facility in Eilat for marine biology.

Institute of Earth Sciences: geological sciences; atmospheric sciences; and physical geography.

Fredy and Nadine Hermann Graduate School of Applied Science: applied physics, applied chemistry; materials science; human environmental science; polymers and textiles; management of chemical technology.

Science Teaching Department

Research Centres for arid ecosystems; marine biochemistry; computer sciences; mathematical analysis; molecular dynamics; light-induced processes; visual transduction; laser-matter interaction; cellular and molecular neurobiology; rationality and interactive decision theory.

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