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AUSTFHU Scholarship for Israeli Business Innovation (IBI) Short Courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem July 2019

This Scholarship is offered to attract Australian students, graduates and professionals of outstanding academic achievement who have completed at least one year of undergrad in Business, NFP Management, Economics, and Entrepreneurship to undertake a Summer Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Eligibility for Scholarship

This Scholarship will be given to one selected Australian applicant on the basis of excellence in their studies, promise of distinction in their chosen fields of specialisation, as well as on qualities of mind, intellect and character, which would enable the recipient to benefit from the opportunity to study in Israel that is afforded by this scholarship. The student’s application is subject to acceptance by the Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School.


The successful candidate will be eligible to apply the scholarship to any one of the listed courses. The application must be submitted online to the Australian Friends of the Hebrew University office in Sydney, by May 1st, 2019.

The candidates will be notified towards the beginning of May of the status of their application.

Stipend and Tenability

The Scholarship will be paid to the Hebrew University and will cover the tuition and housing costs of one of the courses listed below. In addition, the student will receive a stipend of AUD 1,000 towards their living expenses during the course of their studies. The scholarship requires approval of the Australian Friends Academic Committee.

List of courses offered

1. Start Ups and Innovation: The Israeli Model, July 1- 24 , 2019

Academic Hours: 45
Tuition: US$1,785 | Housing: US$775
This course offers students the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship and innovation essentials via the first-hand experience of successful Israeli innovators, in a country world-renowned as the “Start-up Nation”. Students will gain direct access to the insights and know-how of serial start-up founders, industry specialists and senior personnel from innovative R&D centres of leading multinational corporations. In addition, they will learn practical models, tools and methodologies critical to the creation of start-up companies and the development of innovative ventures of large organisations.

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2. Breakthrough Technologies: Shaping the Future, July 1- 24 , 2019

Academic Hours: 45
Tuition: US$1,785 | Housing: US$775

This program analyses how exponentially growing technologies may impact our lives, industries and society in the next five to fifteen years. Throughout the program, participants will meet experts from different disruptive technologies and gain exposure to some of the latest breakthroughs developed in Israel, a world leader in innovation in the fields of Computer & Communications, Security, Clean-Tech, Nano-Tech, and Bio-Tech. With the insight gained, the students will be better prepared to face and seize the opportunities and challenges arising from the emergence of these technologies.

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Enquiries and application process


For more information please contact our Head Office at, 02 9389 2825

For WA please contact Yael Jacobson at

Students must consult the appropriate university authority to confirm accreditation.