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The Leon Fink scholarship for Middle Eastern Studies Short Courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem July 2019

This Scholarship is offered to attract Australian students and graduates of outstanding academic achievement to undertake a Middle Eastern Studies Summer Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Eligibility for Scholarship

The Scholarship will be awarded to one Australian applicant on the basis of excellence in their studies, promise of distinction in their chosen fields of specialisation, as well as on qualities of mind, intellect and character, which would enable the recipient to benefit from the opportunity to study in Israel that is afforded by this scholarship. The scholarship is subject to acceptance by the Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School.


The successful candidate will be eligible to apply the scholarship to any one of the listed courses. The application must be submitted online to the Australian Friends of the Hebrew University office in Sydney, by May 1st, 2019.

Candidates will be notified towards the end of May of the status of their application.

Stipend and Tenability

The Scholarship will be paid to the Hebrew University and will cover the tuition and housing costs of one of the courses listed below. In addition, the student will receive up to the amount of AUD 1,000 towards their living expenses during the course of their studies. The scholarship requires approval of the Australian Friends Academic Committee.

List of courses offered

1. Conflict Resolution from Theory to Practice: Israel as a Case Study. July 1 – 24, 2019

The Arab-Israeli conflict will be examined in the context of current practices and theories relating to conflict resolution. The course will provide students with a broad perspective on the Israeli-Arab conflict, focusing on Israeli society, and exploring both academic research and practical experience on one of the most influential conflicts of our time.

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2. The Emergence of the Modern State of Israel. July 1 – 24, 2019

This course will begin with an examination of the Zionist idea, its common denominators and variegated factions. Due consideration will be given to the late-nineteenth- century European context in order to appreciate the socio-economic, political and cultural factors that impacted upon the Zionist movement. The course will explore how competing visions of the Jewish state responded to the realities of Palestine, its local Arab population, Ottoman rulers and existing Jewish population.

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3. The History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. July 1 – 24, 2019

This course will deal with the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict from the advent of Zionism to the present. It will discuss the evolution of the Arab position towards the Zionist movement, the Arab-Israeli wars and the peace negotiations and treaties between Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

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4. Between Hamas and ISIS: Radical Islamic Movements in a Changing Middle East. July 1 – 24, 2019

This course will focus on major Sunni Islamist thinkers, schools, and movements, including the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayid Qutb and post-MB Egyptian radicalism and modern salafism in its various manifestations. In addition to a historical discussion of these movements, the course will also focus on more recent developments, such as the rise of ISIS (Islamic State) and the impact of the Arab Spring on radical Islamic thought and behaviour.

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5. Narratives and Realities: Inside the Israeli Palestinian Conflict. July 1 – 24, 2019

This course offers unique insight into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through exposure to a wide range of narratives, realities, and initiatives. By visiting key sites and engaging with government officials, religious experts, and political and NGO activists, participants will acquire a broader understanding about the conflict, its complexity, and its possible evolution or solutions.

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Enquiries and application process

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