Testimonials from our Alumni

The first recipient of the Ron Castan Memorial Indigenous Scholarship, Dr Alex Brown, reflects on his Jerusalem experiences.

Another recipient of the Scholarship, Dr Marlene Kong, reflects on her experiences in an address to the Australian Friends in Victoria.

Miri Jassy completed a Semester at the Hebrew Univeristy as part of the British-Australian Semester Program.

Rosslyn Ewart and Sharon Black are recent graduates of the Trauma and Resilience program, run in conjunction with the Israeli Centre for Psychotrauma.

Janey Jankelson, Carly Field, Bronwyn Gerry, and Liat Ravia completed the Winter Ulpan (2011/12) at the Rothberg International School.

Jennifer Symonds is a recent graduate of Conflict Resolution from the Religious Traditions, a special program run in conjunction with Hamline University. While in Israel she chose also to complete an Ulpan.

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