The Bible remains the best-selling book of all time; a source of inspiration, devotion and history. But how does it stack up against the archaeological record? This course uncovers the rich history of Israel and the ancient Near East from settlement in Canaan to the conquest of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, with a fascinating mix of lectures and field trips.

The course is taught by some of the preeminent scholars in the field and includes a variety of trips to various archaeological sites throughout Israel.

At the conclusion of the program, students are invited to continue their studies in the Modern Hebrew Ulpan.

Winter Ulpan:

February 5 – 27, 2019 

Tuition fee: US $1,380

Housing: US $620

For more information: http://overseas.huji.ac.il/hebrewwinter

Applications close 5 January, 2020

Financial assistance closes 15 December, 2019

Biblical Archaeology Program:

January 5 – 23, 2019

Academic Hours: 45 | Academic Credits: 3
Application fee: US $80 | Tuition fee (including health insurance): US $1,575
Housing: US $595

Applications close 15 December, 2019

Financial assistance closes 15 December, 2019

For more information and application online please click here.