Hebrew U. Archaeologists Unveil 7,000 Year Old Seal Impressions Used for Commerce and Protection of Property

June 11, 2021

(Jerusalem, June 10, 2021)— A team of archaeologists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) made a rare discovery when […]

Hebrew U. Jumps to 30th in Law and 25th in Communications in Prestigious Academic Ranking

June 10, 2021

(Jerusalem, June 8, 2021)— Much has been spoken of in recent years about the ‘brain drain’ taking place at Israeli […]

Dr. Moran Yassour: Combatting COVID Together

June 4, 2021

As a computational biologist, Dr. Moran Yassour spends the majority of her time in the lab studying the infant gut […]

Hebrew U. Finds Optimism Extends Life Expectancy

June 2, 2021

(Jerusalem, June 1, 2021)—Happiness might lead to better health but does it help you live longer? That’s a question that […]

Dr. Gillian Dank on Animal Health with Heart

May 28, 2021

Owning a pet can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. But the benefits of pet ownership come with responsibilities – […]

Hebrew U. Develops Bio-Sensor to Detect Plant Stress and Prevent Crop Failures

May 26, 2021

In an effort to increase agricultural productivity and limit waste, a team of researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem […]

From Research to Reality – A Day in the Life of an MD/PhD Student

May 21, 2021

At Hebrew University, The M.D/PhD Program teaches students the skills to not only heal but prevent disease. Karina Simantov knows […]

New Clues Point to Origins of Parkinson’s Disease

May 20, 2021

(Jerusalem, May 19, 2021)— Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease and affects more than 10 million people […]

Prof. Eran Halperin – Social Cohesion in the Post COVID Era

May 14, 2021

These are complicated times in Israel, which makes this episode of HUJI Bites particularly relevant as we explore the role […]