Coexistence in the Middle East: Summer & Winter Program

Applications open for Summer 2022

Coexistence in the Middle East (CME) enables current and future leaders from around the world to explore facts on the ground and examine local realities from the perspectives of various religious, political, cultural and national groups that converge at a crossroads of humanity. CME delves into:
– Encounters between the “West” and the Middle East
– Relations among Christians, Jews, and Muslims
– Interests and concerns of the International Community
– Competing claims between Israelis and Palestinians


Learn from extensive field trips and first-hand interaction with government officials, religious leaders, professional experts, and political and NGO activists. Through engaging dialogue, you will uncover numerous issues, realities, resolution proposals, and peace initiatives, highlighting the human dimensions of this complex conflict.

Winter Structure

The winter session is an intensive two-week session that focuses on highlights from the summer program and is open to students, faculty members, diplomats, policy makers, and other professionals. This session focuses on the highlights from the summer program, including trips to key sites, meetings with leaders and activists, and lectures.

Summer Structure

The summer program is made up of three complementary courses that can be taken together or separately:


This course is open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as to mature learners with an academic background. You must be currently registered at or have been accepted to a recognized college or university or have successfully completed at least one year of study at an accredited institution of higher education. English-language fluency is also required.

Apply by

Winter: TBD
Summer: May 1, 2022

Program length

Winter: two weeks
Summer: two, four or six weeks

Costs & Scholarships

Application Fee: US$120 (non-refundable)

Health insurance through Rothberg is mandatory for the in-person program.


Tuition (in-person)

US$1,810 (1 course)
US$3,190 (2 courses)
US$4,582 (3 courses)

Tuition (online)

US$1,267 (1 course)
U$2,237 (2 courses)
US$3,207 (3 courses)



Financial Assistance

The Australian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem may provide financial assistance on the basis of academic merit, financial need or communal involvement. If you wish to apply for financial assistance, please fill out an online form.

For Further Information

The Australian Friends will be happy to contact and assist you with your application process.

Students contact:

Jamie Wise or 02 9389 2825

Please note:

  • To enroll in only one or two of the courses for this summer session program, select the courses of your interest from the list of “Summer Courses” in the online application. Learn more about the application guidelines.
  • Please see here for more information about visas.
  • You may switch from a summer course to this program up to two weeks prior to the beginning of the summer course / program.
  • A 10% discount on the tuition fee for one of the summer Coexistence program courses is offered by IBH to students who complete their application by February 14, 2022, and who complete payment by March 14, 2022. Students who apply for more than one course of the Coexistence program will receive the 10% discount on one of the courses only.
  • A limited number of housing spots at Student Village is available. Requests for housing at the Student Village should be communicated to the IBH staff only after being accepted to the program.

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