Sustainable Planet

The planet is strained. There are more mouths to feed, and the impacts of climate change make global agriculture increasingly more complicated. We must get smarter about our planet and our collective future. At Hebrew University, our work is focused on projects that help us better understand the planet, as well as the proper stewardship necessary to preserve its resources. We believe these innovations can help people adapt to the challenges in the coming years.

Our investment in the Institute for Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources in Agriculture will allow Hebrew University to continue leading the conversation and discovery of methods in sustainable agriculture. We are currently focusing on water reclamation, the role of wild bees for pollination, the development of natural pesticides, as well as longer shelf-life foods to decrease overall waste. Additionally, centers and projects across Hebrew University are exploring sustainable transportation and more livable cities. Regardless of the solution, we are committed to ensuring a livable planet for future generations.

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