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Expert Talk with Dr Shaul Sapir – register here for Zoom presentation

Wednesday 14 February
7pm Online via Zoom

Sydney Jewish Museum, Sydney University, Mandelbaum House and Australian Friends of the Hebrew University bring you an expert talk with Dr Shaul Sapir

The city of Mumbai in India, formerly known as Bombay, holds a rich history as a city with diverse populations, religions, cultures and architectural styles. Join us online for a fascinating talk with Dr Shaul Sapir, who will draw on his research into the story of the Baghdadi Jewish Community in Mumbai and their unique contribution to the urban landscape of the city during the latter period of the British Raj.

About the Expert

Dr Shaul Sapir is an author, historian and geographer. He has taught Historical Geography at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem since 1975 and at the David Yellin Teachers’ College, Jerusalem, where he headed the Department of Geography for several years. He has published numerous articles on a wide range of subjects, mainly focusing on Jerusalem through the Ages and on the Land of Israel.


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