Faculty of Humanities

Institute of Jewish Studies

Departments of Bible; Hebrew language; Hebrew literature; Jewish history; Jewish thought; Talmud; and Yiddish; and a selection for Jewish folklore.

Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry

Teaching and research divisions in American Jewish history and institutions; Holocaust studies; Jewish communities in the British Commonwealth; Jewish demography and statistics; Jewish education in the Diaspora; Jewish themes in contemporary literature; Jews in Africa and Asia; Jews in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe; Latin American Jewry; social psychological study of contemporary Jewry; Zionism and the new Yishuv; oral history division; Vidal Sasson International Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism.

Institute of Asian and African Studies

Departments of Arabic literature; East Asian studies; Islamic and Middle Eastern studies; and Indian, Iranian and Armenian studies; centre for study of Muslim civilization.

Institute of Archaeology

Institute of Language, Literature and Art

Departments of ancient Semitic languages; Assyriology; classics, comparative and general literature; Egyptology; English language and literature; French language and literature; history of art; Italian language and literature; linguistics; musicology; Romance studies; theatre studies; German language and literature; and English as a foreign language; centre for applied linguistics.

Institute of Philosophy and History

Departments of American studies; comparative religion; geography; history; philosophy; Russian and Slavic studies; and Spanish and Latin American studies.

School of Education

Secondary-school teacher training department; Research Institute for Innovation in Education; Center for Jewish Education in the Diaspora; Center for Cognitive Science in Education.

Interdepartmental Research Institutes and Centres

Including those for Dutch Jewry; East European Jewry; Jewish Art; Jewish History; Jewish Language; Jewish Music; Kabbalah; Polish Jewry; Romanian Jewry; Sephardi and Oriental Jewish Heritage; and others.