Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Prove Pivotal to Quantum Physics

March 26, 2019

Professor Amnon Shashua from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering has succeeded in proving mathematically that methods leading the field of artificial intelligence (the same as those that gave us voice and facial recognition abilities) can help to understand phenomena in quantum physics.

One of today’s hottest physics topics, quantum physics explores how particles in nature are attracted to and join one another, including for electrical conductivity and magnetism. With the infinitesimally large numbers of particles as well as the myriad number of interactions between them, it has been difficult for physics researchers to achieve a comprehensive understanding of multi-particle systems. Thus this development by computer scientists, Shashua, Mobileye founder, and his doctoral students-  Yoav Levin, Or Sharir and Nadav Cohen – is remarkable, and has the potential to revolutionize how quantum will affect topics ranging from computing to transportation and energy.

The research team shared, “The cross-disciplinary application of computer science to quantum physics is nothing short of extraordinary… and will help us understand the field of quantum and its impact on  the world around us.”

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