Celebrating the 8 days of Hanukkah – Day 2

This year, we are celebrating the 8 days of Hanukkah with 8 of the Hebrew University’s bright students.

On each day we will be posting a picture along with a q&a.

For the 2nd day of Hanukkah meet Asher Rottenberg, Pre-Med and Law student:



Asher is 27 years old and hails from Bnei Barak in Israel. He comes from a Haredi background and previously studied in the Israel Torah Research Institute for 5 years.

Why Hebrew U?
The Hebrew University is the best in the country, and as soon as the opportunity to study here became a reality, I took advantage of it. Additionally, the support I receive from the University is very helpful. Everyone has been extremely helpful and welcoming and I am very grateful.”

What are you studying?
“I am currently working on a joint program towards a master’s in law and a pre-med program, towards a medical degree. I find both subjects very interesting, challenging and rewarding. I look forward to working with patients, while combining the two fields. My thesis is on the regulation of health tourism under international trade law. For example, how can medicine given to visitors from abroad be regulated in terms of payment and types of treatments offered?”

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
“I love candle lighting. I have lit candles all of the world, and one of the most memorable experiences was lighting candles completely alone at the Niagara Falls. I’ve also lit candles at a human rights competition in Geneva. It makes me feel connected to Judaism no matter where in the world I find myself, I feel its importance.”

What was a miracle that happened to you this year?
“The fact that I am able to build a schedule and none of my exams conflicted with one another is a miracle in itself.”

What hashtag represents the holidays for you?


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