Cultured Human Breast Milk Being Developed by Professor at the Hebrew University

While most health experts today recommend breastfeeding babies over formula-feeding, not all mothers are able or willing to do so.

“In the first few months of life, when the baby is completely dependent on milk, there is no real substitute for breast milk, ” says Nurit Argov-Argaman from the Department of Animal Sciences at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. “This is because breast milk has short-term positive effects on health and development during infancy, but some of the effects are long-lasting and extend into adulthood.” That is why Argov-Argaman co-founded the startup Bio Milk, which operates at the intersection of biotech and food tech to develop technology to produce cultured cow and breast milk.

Bio Milk CEO Tomer Aizen says the company is developing a process that will allow the production of cultured human breast milk, which will include all of the complex composition found in natural breast milk secreted from the mother’s body.

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