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Hebrew University News

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Scientists “Break The Ice” on Organ Banking

Prehistoric Village Links Old and New Stone Age

Prehistoric Village Links Old and New Stone Age

From left: Dave Sharma, George Brandis, Benjamin Netanyahu and Christopher Pyne

Pyne, Brandis hail inspirational Israel- The Australian Jewish News

A seal impression of King Hezekiah unearthed in the Ophel excavations at the foot of the southern wall of the Temple Mount, conducted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Archaeology under the direction of Dr. Eilat Mazar. (Courtesy of Dr. Eilat Mazar; Photo by Ouria Tadmor)

Impression of King Hezekiah’s Royal Seal Discovered in Ophel Excavations South of Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Alexander Levitzki, pictured in Berlin, Germany, receiving the European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry's prestigious Nauta Award for Pharmacochemistry. Photo credit: EFMC


Dr. Offer Gerlitz at the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada IMRIC), in the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Medicine (Photo: Hebrew University)

Scientists Discover Genetic Mechanism Essential to Ovary Development

hebrew university rank number 1 in israel

Hebrew University Ranked #1 in Israel, Rises to #67 Among World’s 500 Top Universities in Authoritative Shanghai Ranking

manot cave

Anthropology: Ancient skull from Galilee cave offers clues to the first modern Europeans

map brains

Scientists map brains of the blind to solve mysteries of human brain specialization

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