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Melton Sydney’s Modern Living Melton class with Rabbi Dr Howard Deitcher

Rabbi Dr. Howard Deitcher, Director of the Florence Melton Institute at the Hebrew University, paid a flying visit to Sydney and Melbourne last week to learn more about Melton’s impact on Australian Jewish life and adult learning.

After meeting enthusiastic students at Melton Sydney’s “Modern Living: Maintaining Balance” course, Rabbi Deitcher explained, “the Florence Melton School marries the outstanding scholarship of the Hebrew University with the educational wisdom of superb teachers who bring Jewish topics to life, and inspires the learners to grow, contemplate and become wondering Jews”.

In the meantime, Melton in Sydney is going from strength to strength, concluding its 2018 program with the highly regarded “Beyond Borders: The History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict” course starting on Wednesday 3 October 6.30 – 830 p.m. in Woollahra. Melton will once again be holding one of its popular “Taste of Melton” evenings on Wednesday 5 September with a free introductory class to the course by teacher Oren Thaler over a glass of wine and snacks.

Melton continues to expand its offerings in 2019 with the reintroduction of the “Core Curriculum” program starting in Semester 1 with the renowned “Purposes of Jewish Living” with Rabbi Dr. Ben Elton at The Great Synagogue.

Melton Director, Hilary May Black, said “We’re looking forward to offering new courses being developed at Melton such as “Jewish Social Justice” and “Jewish Women in Jewish History” as well as future opportunities for on-line learning. In 2019 we’ll also be starting the new course, “Jewish Medical Ethics”, which tackles complex topics such as surrogacy, human and animal cloning, and other ethical dilemmas arising from medical advances. We’re expecting it to fill up quickly.”

For more information about Melton in Sydney contact Melton Director Hilary May Black on 0400 435 099 or email:

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