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HUJI Bite: Harnessing Stem Cell Biology for the Future of Medicine

Prof. Yossi Buganim is a world-renowned leader in the field of stem cell research and regenerative medicine. His pioneering work has focused on developing innovative methods to convert skin cells into a diverse range of medically relevant cell types, with the ultimate goal of improving current models for clinical use and advancing the field towards the future of personalized medicine.

As a highly respected member of the Hebrew University’s Department of Developmental Biology and Cancer Research, Prof. Buganim has earned numerous prestigious awards for his groundbreaking research. In 2015, he and his team achieved a groundbreaking milestone by discovering how to create artificial placental stem cells from skin cells, paving the way for unprecedented possibilities in the field. In recognition of his remarkable contributions to the field, Prof. Buganim was awarded the “Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine” award by Science and Science Translational Medicine magazines and Boyalife company in 2016.

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