Israelis should get annual COVID shots when virus cases low, vaccine panel advises

COVID shots should become an annual norm if the coronavirus infection rate reaches a low level, according to a recommendation by the Health Ministry’s Vaccine Committee.

The position is not yet policy, but the recommendations of the committee are implemented swiftly.

Currently, adults are advised to take more frequent boosters, and this will remain the case as long as global infections are still high, he said.

Familiar with the discussions, former member of the Vaccine Committee, Ben Gurion University epidemiologist Prof. According to Nadav Davidovich, if adopted, this position would make the coronavirus shot policy similar to the flu vaccine.

He said the entire population would be recommended to get a shot each fall, with an emphasis on the elderly and those at risk.

Like flu shots, COVID shots will be tailored to the types of virus most likely to spread. It’s unclear whether the annual regimen will include one or two shots.
This position echoes a being offered in the United States by the country’s Food and Drug Administration

Davidovich, a senior official at the Israel Association of Public Health Physicians, stressed that the new approach would only kick in in the future when there are low levels of infection.

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