Prof. Hermona Soreq

Professor Hermona Soreq – ‘The Impacts of Trauma in Men and Women’

Friends of Hebrew University, WA & VIC, are thrilled to invite the community to a talk by international pioneer and world-leading expert on stress, trauma and related diseases, Hebrew University’s Professor Hermona Soreq on The Impacts of Trauma in Men and Women.

Everyone is subject to stress responses, trauma and on occasion profound illness, but men and women react differently. Schizophrenic men are addicted to smoking, schizophrenic women are not. Women with bipolar disease suffer more acute depression than men. Women also respond more dramatically to many brain-affecting medications. Professor Soreq discovered this is due to distinct genetic differences. For example, women with Alzheimer’s disease deteriorate faster than men due to a loss of a particular group of small RNAs in their brain which gives hope that recent RNA therapeutics may lead to a medical solution. Professor Soreq’s research on Acetylcholine (Ach), (a molecule essential for human functioning), has led to development of drugs at Hebrew University that combat Alzheimer’s by boosting brain levels of Ach. Multiple other studies she has done show stress and trauma change our brain networks and thus our disease risk forever including a significantly greater risk of heart attack, stroke, or death from all causes.

Professor Soreq’s talk, in her visit to Australia, is important for everyone, particularly those who have experienced stress or trauma or have a loved one suffering with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Please join us and invite medical colleagues and friends in mental health services, aged care, the military or police, indigenous support, trauma management and other related fields to join us in this unique opportunity to hear from a phenomenal researcher who is also a very charming, lovely person.

Prof Soreq holds a University Slesinger Chair in molecular neuroscience and is a founding member of The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences. She is the elected President of the International Organization of Cholinergic Mechanisms and was elected Dean of the Faculty of Science at Hebrew University. Author of hundreds of publications, she trains faculty members in Israeli and international universities (in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, the Galilee and Beer Sheva, UC Berkeley, Maryland, Ann Arbor, Paris, Tours, Gottingen and London), post-doctoral fellows and employees in government and private biotechnology organisations and companies involved in Life Sciences.

Perth, WA:

14th May 2023, 4pm

WA Contact: Talia Raphaely

Melbourne, VIC:

19th May 2023, 11am

VIC Contact: Yif’at Biran

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