The University of Melbourne & The Hebrew University of Jerusalem International Collaboration Schemes

May 6, 2020




The University of Melbourne and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem embrace the importance of international cooperation, knowledge exchange, and collaboration in research and training.

 Applications are now open for funding under two unique schemes that foster collaboration between The University of Melbourne and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in research and training in areas of shared global challenges and significance.

The Joint PhD Awards Program provides scholarship and travel support for PhD candidates jointly enrolled and supervised by The Hebrew University and The University of Melbourne  . Info →

The Joint Research Workshop Grants Program provides research collaborators in The Hebrew University and The University of Melbourne with support to convene a joint research workshop in Melbourne or Jerusalem with a grant of up to $20,000. Info →

The Hebrew University and University of Melbourne Joint Research Workshops Program was introduced in 2014. Ten Joint Research Workshops have been funded under the Program from 2014-2019, 6 held in Jerusalem, 4 in Melbourne.

2014 Round

Bacterial Biology and Infection

Prof Elizabeth Hartland, Dept of Microbiology and Immunology, U Melbourne and Prof Ilan Rosenshine, Department of Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology, HUJ. Held in Melbourne, October 2014

Soft’ and ‘Fuzzy’ Law in International and Domestic Contexts 

Profs Jurgen Kurtz and Cheryl Saunders, Faculty of Law, U Melbourne and Profs Tomer Broude and Marganit Cohn, Faculty of Law/Social Sciences, HUJ. Held in Jerusalem February 2015

2015 Round

Biofilms: New perspectives on an old problem

Prof Stuart Dashper, Melbourne Dental School, U Melbourne and Prof. Doron Steinberg, Faculty of Dental Medicine, HUJ-Hadassah. Held in Jerusalem June 2015

From System Biology to System Agronomy

Associate Prof. Ute Roessner, School of BioSciences, U Melbourne and Dr Zvi Paleg, Institute for Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture. HUJ. Held in Melbourne, September 2015

2016 Round

Diamond Architectures for Quantum Computing and Sensing

Professor Steven Prawer, School of Physics, U Melbourne and Prof Nir Bar-Gill, Department of Applied Physics, HUJ.  Held in Jerusalem, February 2017

Vector-borne diseases of Livestock and companion animals

Dr Abdul Jabbar, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, U Melbourne    and Prof Gad Baneth, School of Veterinary Medicine, HUJ. Held in Melbourne, February 2017

2017 Round

Collaborative research in 3D Printing for Medical implants

Prof Peter Vee Sin Lee, BioMedical Engineering, U Melbourne and Prof Leo Joskowicz, School of Engineering and Computer Science, HUJ.  Held in Jerusalem, December 2017

Reviewing film history from the margins.

Dr Claudia Sandberg, School of Languages and Linguistics, U Melbourne and Dr. Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann, Department of Communications and Journalism, HUJ. Held in Jerusalem, 2017

2018/2019 Round

Emerging Strategies to Relieve Proteotoxicity in Neurodegenerative Disorders

Prof Ashley Bush, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, U Melbourne and Prof Ehud Cohen, Brain Disease Research Centre, Faculty of Medicine, HUJ. Held in Jerusalem, May 2019

New Frontiers in Emotion Regulation

Dr Katharine Greenaway, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, U Melbourne and Professor Maya Tamir, Department of Psychology, HUJ. Held in Melbourne, October 2019