The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel’s first university and a symbol of the cultural rebirth of the Jewish nation in its ancestral homeland, is a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning and research.

It is a scientific centre of international repute, where thousands of young Israelis receive a university education with an accent on excellence; where advanced post-graduate study and research are of great focus; and where special programs attract a large number of overseas students to pursue degrees or earn credits for transfer.

This is a University with a three-fold function: to serve the State of Israel by training its scientific, educational and professional manpower; to serve the Jewish people by preserving and expanding the Jewish cultural, spiritual and intellectual heritage; and to serve humanity by extending the frontiers of knowledge.


  • Technology Transfer

    52 Years of transferring technologies
    9,325 Patents
    2,625 Inventions
    880 Licenses
    110 Spin-off companies

  • International

    262 Academic agreements with institutions in 44 countries
    78 Competitive research grants from the European Research Council
    220 Postdoctoral researchers from 26 countries
    109 University and faculty level student exchanges

  • Students

    23,500 Total student body
    12,500 Undergraduates
    5,000 Masters students
    2,200 Doctoral candidates
    3,300 Overseas and pre-academic students, postdoctoral fellows etc

  • Rankings

    1 In Israel (Times Higher Education 2016)

  • Awards of Excellence

    287 Israel prizes
    96 Rothschild prizes
    42 EMET prizes
    14 Wolf prizes
    8 Nobel prizes
    1 Fields medal in mathematics
    1 Canada Gairdner international award
    1 Turing award in computer science

  • Research

    100 Research centres
    3,600 Research projects
    5 Affiliated hospitals
    >1/3 PhD students in Israel
    43% Israel biotechnology research
    30% Israel academic scientific research

  • Teaching

    6 Campuses
    7 Faculties
    315 Departments
    973 Faculty Members
    5,673 Courses


The Australian Friends of the Hebrew University, as Hebrew University’s affiliate office in Australia, is responsible for the development of an Alumni program and the growth and development of the Young Friends of the Hebrew University group. The Friends of the Hebrew University office organises and runs regular social, political and educational events.

About Us

ruby richFounded in Sydney in May 1936 by Ruby Rich (later Ruby Rich-Schalit MBE), the Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was established for the benefit of the Hebrew University. Our aims and objectives are:

  • To bring the name of the Hebrew University to the fore, raising awareness within the Jewish and general Australian community of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and its academic and research excellence
  • To raise funds and encourage bequests in support of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, both for specific projects and for the general purposes of the University
  • To provide a medium for the exchange of information and literature between Australia and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • To encourage and assist Australian students wishing to undertake study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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